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Angelheaded Hipsters display at the National Theatre


Fans of the Beat Generation should try to check out the new Angelheaded Hipsters display at the National Theatre, London.

The title for the show comes from Allen Ginsberg's infamous poem Howl and the display, organised by photographic agency Corbis, features prints made from images in Ginsberg's archive. Mainly snapshots taken in the early 50s, together they create a fascinating insight into the scene and feature images of the likes of Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs and Neal Cassady. 

If that captures your interest, you may also be interested in an event the National Theatre is hosting on 19 Feb. Subtitled 'discovering the beat movement', poet Michael Horovitz and Barry Miles, co-founder of International Times and Ginsberg's biographer, have been invited along to discuss the lasting influence of the Beats. 

The display is free, while the event costs £5. 

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London Calling: A Countercultural History of London Since 1945 by Barry Miles


A recent release that's certain to be of interest to anyone with an enthusiasm for London's 'underground' past – London Calling: A Countercultural History of London Since 1945 by Barry Miles.

It is described as 'a major and definitive history of the counterculture' by a 'pre-eminent chronicler of the cultural underground', written by a man who should know all about it, being the co-owner of the Indica Gallery, founder of the International Times and organiser of the 14 Hour Technicolour Dream event. In terms of content it looks at the counterculture that sprang up in the decades following the Second World War, focusing on the West End and Soho, from the heady days of post-war Soho. the jazz bars and clubs of the fifties, the teddy boys and the Angry Young Men, Francis Bacon and the legendary Colony Club, the 1960s and the Summer of Love, along with the rise of punk.

Out now in hardback, Amazon is selling it for a discounted £12.48.

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