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God Almighty Limited Edition Print

Whilst the sentiment of this print might be something with which we could all agree on certain days, the words on the God Almighty Print are in fact a famous quotation from John Lennon, given during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 1970.

The God Almighty Print is available in a choice of colours, sizes and frames. A 90cm by 60cm print in a black frame costs £245 whilst a large 120cm by 80cm costs £300. £5 extra will get you the print in an oak frame.

Buy the print online from Words on Walls.

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas by Charlotte Farmer at Found Bath

The store Found, Bath, have collaborated with local illustrator Charlotte Farmer to produce a fantastic range of items under the title Rock 'n' Roll Christmas

You may remember Charlotte's work from the Family Favourites design she did for for New House Textiles. Here her illustrations have been applied across a fifty piece set of plates and jewellery boxes and have been inspired by classic Christmas songs as well as now redundant technology. For example, the Noddy Says plate set pictured above features the famous opening line to Merry Xmas Everyone, alongside a 70s tape recorder. Other designs feature Elvis, Elton John and John and Yoko (there's an image of that one over the page). There's even a shopping bag based around the lyrics to Imagine. 

Individual plates are £18, while plate sets are £25. You can also get jewellery boxes for £18. 

Order them online

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Sex, Tea and Rock n Roll Tea Bags

This is possibly one of the silliest items I’ve seen in some time, but Christmas is coming and we are partial to a cup of tea, so I thought I would share these with you.

The Sex, Tea and Rock n Roll Tea Bags are part of the Tea Party series by German company Donkey Products. Quite simply, each tea bag has a cardboard image of a famous person instead of the the usual string and tab. In this case, the characters are icons from music; Elvis, Hendrix, Lennon, Jackson and Marley. There is also a classic film themed set consisting of Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin and I’m guessing Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's monster, as well as other themes such as politics, peace, Christmas and royalty.

A set of five tea party bags costs €7.95 (around £7) from Donkey Products.