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Vintage Earthenware Crockery

New in at Pedlars is a collection of Vintage Earthenware Crockery, which like many vintage products, has a unique history, making it just that extra bit more special.

This crockery was used on various P&O ships between the 1950 and 1970 before finally ending up on the RMS Windsor Castle. Pieces available to buy include various sized jugs, teapots and sugar bowls. Prices start from £14.40 for the bowl and go up to £39 for the large teapot.

Visit Pedlars to buy and read more about their heritage.

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Garden Trading French-style Kitchenware



Now that spring has sprung it's time to show your kitchen some TLC and give it a thorough clean. Once you have it sparkling, why not treat yourself to some French-style Kitchenware.

The range includes measuring jugs, scoops and spoons, all in a simple, classic retro style. Practical and good-looking, these pieces will prove themselves invaluable additions to your culinary equipment.

The range is dishawasher safe and very reasonably priced, ranging from £3 for a set of measuring spoons to £9 for a 1 litre measuring jug.

Check it out for yourself here.