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Lemonade urn from Anthropologie

Lemonade urn

Get ready for the sweet taste of Summer with this lemonade urn from Anthropologie.

The urn is ceramic and it sits atop a table ready to dispense lemonade (or, I guess, any other liquid you might want to consume in large quantities). Decorated with vintage-style lettering, the urn is full of retro charm. 

It costs £158. 

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Categories / Food and Drink

Vintage-style Lemonade crates from Berry Red

Lemonade crates

Ideally timed for the arrival of the sunshine, these Lemonade crates, available from Berry Red are perfect for adding some zest to your home.

The crates are vintage-looking, made from wood and decorated with the retro typography reading 'fresh lemonade'. That turquoise, green or grey pain looks deliberately distressed too. They'd look good on display but would be an attractive way to store things out of the way too. 

Each crate costs £30. 

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