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Watt ceiling lamp at John Lewis


You really can't get any more classic than the Watt ceiling lamp at John Lewis.

As the name suggests and the images show, this is a ceiling lamp based on the light bulb.  Indeed, it's a bulb within a bulb, that larger outer bulb made of glass and with a brushed chrome finish, holding a 25w bulb for the light.

Sold with a 130cm drop of cable, it's yours for £45.

Find out more at the John Lewis website

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Vintage Ferrowatt Light Bulbs

Recently added to Rockett St George’s stock is the Vintage Ferrowatt Light Bulb, an exact replica of the bulb originally invented by Thomas Edison.

These light bulbs have been created using the original moulds from the early 1900s with all details kept the same including their looped filaments and hand-exhaused tips. The bulb is 60watts, has a 2,500 hour life span and is available with either a wide screw in fitting or bayonet fitting.  You could hang the bulb on its own without a shade, but even with such a beautiful bulb, it might look a bit cheap, so what you really need is a transparent shade – which coincidentally Rockett St George also currently sell.

The light bulb costs £14.99 from the Rockett St George.