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Wire Coffee Table/Magazine Rack

This Wire Coffee Table/Magazine Rack draws inspired from the wire furniture of the 1950s and 1960s such as Knoll’s .Platner chair or the Bertoia Diamond armchair.

We like these wire furniture, but we also like multi-purpose pieces, where this item also scores highly. It functions as a coffee table and magazine rack, but the wooden top can also be lifted off and used separately as a tray. It costs just under £110 which is a particularly good price if you look at it as three items in one.

Buy it online from Rockett St George.

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eBay watch: 1960s combined radio and magazine rack


Interesting combination of home design and home audio – this radio and magazine rack, which is said to derive from the 1960s.

Sadly, the seller is limited with information, but it does have a 'Gazzetta' motif if that means anything to you and might even be as as old as the 1950s. But regardless of that, it has room at the back for your magazines (presumably the Radio Times of old), a mesh (presumably) speaker front and a fully working radio, with stations accessed by a twist of one of those knobs.

Not exactly up there with modern audio kit, but at 99 pence, it's a quirky item that should work in the right room.

Find out more at the eBay website