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Clifford Richards Robot Night Night Light

We've featured some of his  original prints at Elphicks last week and have previously given quite a lot of love and attention to Clifford Richards' robot designs but have only just come across his robot Night Night Light

The wonderfully retro robot shape is made from recycled powdered steel and would be perfect for a kids bedroom. To up the eco credentials, it's solar powered and come bed time, the robot is backlit by a warm glow. Other animal-inspired shaped night lights are available, but this is definitely the favourite option for a good night. 

The light costs £38. 

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Abaceda: A Jazz Age Alphabet

Jazz alphabet

Abaceda: A Jazz Age Alphabet is a striking piece of modernist design. Now reproduced by Magma in association with Redstone Press, the alphabet was originally designed in 1926. It uses the combination of Karel Teige's typography combined with the ballet poses of dancer Mllca Mayerova to produce something that's very identifiably of that period. 

Though it's perhaps not the most useful alphabetic aid (J and Q are shown together), perhaps the athletic poses will inspire instead?

The print costs £25.

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Masters of Early Russian Children’s Books prints

Lebedev print

If you're organising your new year courtesy of the Redstone Press 2010 diary we featured a little while back, you may be interested to learn Redstone have collaborated with Magma to produce seven Masters of Early Russian Children's Books prints, based on some of the 1920s and '30s illustrations reproduced in the diary.

The prints are all striking and unusual images and include Vladimir Lebedev's 1929 illustration of woman driving to train station from 1929, shown above. Each print is hand-screen printed as part of a limited edition of 100 and costs £30. 

Buy it from the Magma website