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Newgate’s Mondaine-style Metropolitan clock


Another great retro clock from Newgate is hardly a surprise. However, this Metropolitan clock looks like its been influenced by another design classic: the distinctive Mondaine clock.

The Mondaine clock dates from the 1940s and was designed for the railways to be easily read from distance. This new design takes on some of that readability in that it uses the chunky block divisions around the dial and has the same clarity of design. A crucial difference though is in the clock's hands – the Mondaine relies on a red hand to mark the seconds, in the case of the Metropolitan it's just a red hour and minute hand. 

The Metropolitan clock is also bigger at 60cm across and, crucially, is also cheaper. Not by masses though. While you can buy an official Mondaine clock for around £230, this design costs £190. 

Buy it from Bloomsbury Store