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Sign Your Name wallpaper by Mrs Murphy

Mrs murphy

We've already featured Mrs Murphy's fabulous pin-up girl tile stickers, and here's another of her designs with the same 50s rockabilly feel, her Sign Your Name wallpaper.

Inspired by traditional sailor tattoos, the wallpaper is covered with a mix of full and broken heart motifs. Each heart has a scroll for you to add your own name. Mrs Murphy has done some for you already – Elvis is on there for example – but after that it's up to you to personalize it as you want. The hearts are interspersed with images of roses, creating a striking work that's sure to be a conversation piece (or a source of many a broken heart maybe…). 

A roll costs 2600 SEK which works out at roughly £240. 

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Mrs Murphy Collection’s pin-up girl tile decorations

Mrs Murphy tile decoration

You can get pin-up girl wallpaper or bedsheets: to complete the look how about these pin-up girl tile decorations from the Mrs Murphy Collection

The decorations feature the black outlines of perfectly poised retro-styled girls and are ready to stick onto your kitchen or bathroom tiles, depending on where in your home is most in need of a shot of glamour. They're apparently easily removable and come in packs of ten. Choose from three evocatively named colour options available, each featuring a different girl and in appropriately pastel shades. You can pick from a 'be my baby' blue, a 'Mrs Robinson pink' or finally a 'these boots were made for walkin' green. 

The Mrs Murphy Collection is the work of Malin Ehlin, a Swedish designer. With a bit of internet searching you can find some more of their range which also includes more pin-up covered objects and a retro tattooed themed line. 

These tile decorations cost £12 from the Sivletto website