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Tile Print Kimono Dress from Dorothy Perkins


Eastern influence in fashion has existed for centuries, but perhaps some of the most recognisable use of the inspiration in Western fashion was in the sixties and seventies. Drawing on that inspiration with style is this Tile Print Kimono Dress from Dorothy Perkins.

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Categories / Women's Fashion

Tile Print Dress from Warehouse


The late sixties and seventies saw a huge influence of Eastern and African influence making waves in the fashion world, with the use of prints and colour palettes gaining a whole new exoticism. This Tile and Stripe Print Dress from Warehouse is a cool ode to that era, creating a look with lots of seventies inspiration.

The dress structure is simple but effective, with a loose fit around the shoulders and bust thanks to the backless cut. This simplistic draping creates a real seventies luxury, while also allowing the complicated print to look classic and uncluttered. The tile print takes an African influence and adds some Western modernity thanks to a summery colour palette and the silk fabric finish.

It's available from Warehouse now for £65.

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