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Green Lady print by Miss Swanne

This isn't the first Tretchikoff-inspired piece we've featured of late but with the original print becoming harder to find at a realistic price, the wave of contemporary interpretations is set to continue.

With the Green Lady print, illustrator Miss Swanne has saturated the more muted hues from Tretchikoff's famous 1950 'Chinese Girl' painting, giving the piece a pleasing pop art revamp.

The Green Lady print is A3 size and is £95 from Boxbird gallery website.

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eBay watch: 1960s Balinese Girl print by Tretchikoff


Going back a few years, every junk shop and house clearance place in every town had a stack of old Tretchikoff prints that the owner couldn't get rid off. Or at best, he or she could get around £5 for one. But times and tastes change and your average original Tretchikoff print goes for a decent sum of money these days. So this Balinese Girl print by Tretchikoff is actually reasonable value right now.

Like most of these things, it was bought in the 1960s off the high street, where Tretchikoff's work was big business in the affordable art world. This example (as the sticker shows) was bought at Boots, claimed to be in 'excellent' condition and sized at 25 x 21 inches.

Current bids stand at £25, which still makes it reasonable. They often go for mcuh more and growing scarcity for original framed works means they will only go up in value. Tastes permitting.

Find out more at the eBay website