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Green Lady print by Miss Swanne

This isn't the first Tretchikoff-inspired piece we've featured of late but with the original print becoming harder to find at a realistic price, the wave of contemporary interpretations is set to continue.

With the Green Lady print, illustrator Miss Swanne has saturated the more muted hues from Tretchikoff's famous 1950 'Chinese Girl' painting, giving the piece a pleasing pop art revamp.

The Green Lady print is A3 size and is £95 from Boxbird gallery website.

Categories / Art and Photography

Tretchikoff-inspired Green Lady print by Stan Chow


If you don't want to pay the constantly-inflated prices that the original goes for these days, you might be interested in the Tretchikoff-inspired Green Lady print by Stan Chow.

The originals do indeed go for a price, especially when you consider it was bargain basement art – one here on eBay  is priced at over £237. This print is a print inspired by Vladimir Tretchikoff's midcentury gem, with Chow adding his own pop art twist.

Sized at 13 x 19 inches and printed on 100% Cotton Matte Archival 315gsm paper, you can pick it up for £20.

Find out more at the Some Prints website