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Tile Print Shift Dress from Dorothy Perkins


If the nautical fever on the high street is not quite your idea of sixties chic, delving into the rails can still provide many options for retro lovers. This Tile Print Shift Dress from Dorothy Perkins taps into a late sixties interpretation of Eastern influence that carried well into the early seventies folk and hippy scene.

The simple shift shape has become a retro staple, with its simplicity of silhouette and sharp cut allowing bold prints to look timeless. The black border accent adds structure to the pale pink print, while a high neckline and sleeveless cut help to create an instantly sixties body shape.

Get it online from Dorothy Perkins for £32.

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Ridgeway Road tiles featuring vintage classical concert programmes


Here are some unusual tiles with a slightly different look to some of the products we feature on this site. The Ridgeway Road tiles are printed with the covers of vintage classical music concert programmes. 

Made by All Kinds of New and originally sold as part of The Art Group's 'Let's Play' exhibition, there are 12 designs that encompass a wide range of both composers and typographical styles. Hopefully something for every taste then. 

The tiles cost £20 each.

Buy them online

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Mrs Murphy Collection’s pin-up girl tile decorations

Mrs Murphy tile decoration

You can get pin-up girl wallpaper or bedsheets: to complete the look how about these pin-up girl tile decorations from the Mrs Murphy Collection

The decorations feature the black outlines of perfectly poised retro-styled girls and are ready to stick onto your kitchen or bathroom tiles, depending on where in your home is most in need of a shot of glamour. They're apparently easily removable and come in packs of ten. Choose from three evocatively named colour options available, each featuring a different girl and in appropriately pastel shades. You can pick from a 'be my baby' blue, a 'Mrs Robinson pink' or finally a 'these boots were made for walkin' green. 

The Mrs Murphy Collection is the work of Malin Ehlin, a Swedish designer. With a bit of internet searching you can find some more of their range which also includes more pin-up covered objects and a retro tattooed themed line. 

These tile decorations cost £12 from the Sivletto website

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Jocelyn Proust handpainted tiles

Proust set-of-3-blue-flower-tiles

Jocelyn Proust's handpainted tiles have a distinctive 1970s feel. The floral designs above are typical of her bright and colourful work which also features more naturally inspired patterns including leaves and birds. 

These tiles measure 100 x 200mm each and are ready mounted for display with a hanging on the back of each one. Jocelyn is based in Australia so each tile costs $30 AUD but you'll need to add shipping onto that. 

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