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Tiki drink recipe cards from Sivletto

Sivletto cards

Add some swing to a soiree with these Tiki drink recipe cards from Sivletto

The cards feature 24 recipes for creating delicious (or lethal) sounding cocktails in your own home, including the likes of the Denby Daiquiri which was created in the 1950s at the Mai-Kai hotel. If this isn't enough to entice you to indulge, they've also asked twelve artists, each with a suitably retro flavour, to illustrate the cards. The likes of Pekka Wizzz, Doug Horne and Lord Dunsby have all obliged meaning you'll come out of the deal with something nice to look at, as well as a likely hangover. 

The original designs were on display at the Sivletto store in Stockholm but you can buy these reproductions for just £16 from their website. 

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Vintage-style tattoo dish cloth

Sailor dish cloth

While there are always hundreds of attractive tea towels to help you dry your dishes, it's rare that you'd use anything too fancy to actually wash-up your pots. Eager readers may remember Maria Homer Dahlgren's London dish cloth and, also from Sweden (clearly the land of the fancy dish cloth) comes this vintage-style tattoo dish cloth

The white sponge cloth features a blue and black illustration of a female sailor, executed in a classic '50s rockabilly style and shown in the centre of an old-fashioned rose design. It seems quite a novelty but take a look at the Sivletto website and you can see several other retro designs for dish cloths, including one featuring a classic pin-up girl design.

At £3 per cloth it's certainly a lot nicer to look at than your standard blue and white check number.

Buy them from Sivletto

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Mrs Murphy Collection’s pin-up girl tile decorations

Mrs Murphy tile decoration

You can get pin-up girl wallpaper or bedsheets: to complete the look how about these pin-up girl tile decorations from the Mrs Murphy Collection

The decorations feature the black outlines of perfectly poised retro-styled girls and are ready to stick onto your kitchen or bathroom tiles, depending on where in your home is most in need of a shot of glamour. They're apparently easily removable and come in packs of ten. Choose from three evocatively named colour options available, each featuring a different girl and in appropriately pastel shades. You can pick from a 'be my baby' blue, a 'Mrs Robinson pink' or finally a 'these boots were made for walkin' green. 

The Mrs Murphy Collection is the work of Malin Ehlin, a Swedish designer. With a bit of internet searching you can find some more of their range which also includes more pin-up covered objects and a retro tattooed themed line. 

These tile decorations cost £12 from the Sivletto website