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Tile Print Kimono Dress from Dorothy Perkins


Eastern influence in fashion has existed for centuries, but perhaps some of the most recognisable use of the inspiration in Western fashion was in the sixties and seventies. Drawing on that inspiration with style is this Tile Print Kimono Dress from Dorothy Perkins.

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Vintage Tsukesage Kimono from Lascivious

There's no doubt that a vintage kimono is a classic investment piece that will last a lifetime. This Tsukesage Kimono from luxury lingerie purveyors Lascivious ensures you'll makes a serious style statement even when lounging around the house.

Lascivious source their vintage silk kimonos from Japan and this one dates from the 1970's. It's made from 100% silk and decorated with hand-painted cherry blossoms, so will confer a certain movie-star aura that your dressing gown really can't compete with.

A luxurious and unique item like this doesn't come cheap – the kimono is £275.

Take a look in more detail on the Lascivious website.

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Tribal Paisley Kimono from Wallis


As the high street moves towards plenty of seventies influence, there's many different looks to plunder for inspiration. This Tribal Paisley Kimono from Wallis taps into a late sixties/early seventies aesthetic, drawing from both tribal and eastern influences popular at the time.

The loose kimono cut creates an instantly seventies silhouette, with a deep v neckline and large batwing sleeves. The orange tribal paisley print takes inspiration from a later sixties hippy style, meshing influences of British and global fashion styles.

Get it now from Wallis for £60.

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Psychedelic Kimono Top by Winter Kate


Of all the celebrity fashion ranges to inspire vintage fans, that of Nicole Richie is one we never expected. However, her Winter Kate line features quite a few retro-look pieces, including this Yellow Eden Kimono Top. An impressive departure from the days as Paris Hilton's best mate.

The easy luxury of this top lies in the fit, with a high end pattern cut ensuring that the shape is flawlessly luxe. Combined with a psychedelic style orange print, the shirt has an air of 1970s influence, taking a sixties aesthetic into the mainstream with flair.

It's available now online in the UK from My Wardrobe for £218.

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