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Pac-Man Moneybox


You can't beat a bit of 80s-style novelty, which is essentially what this Pac-Man Moneybox is.

yes, not content with gobbling up dots on a screen, this Pac-Man will gobble up your cash too. Just drop some in and it plays an authentic Pac-Man sound as the money lands. Which means, as you have fun playing with it, you get to save some cash for a rainy day as a neat sideline.

You'll need 3x AAA batteries to power it and £14.99 to buy it.

Find out more at the Firebox website

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Game Over cup and saucer sets from The TeaShed


These Game Over cup and saucer sets – from newly opened webstore The TeaShed - offer a fresh take on some of your favourite retro gaming icons.

At first glance, they look like delicate white porcelain cup and saucers – albeit with a bright pattern. Peer a bit closer and you'll realise the patterns come straight out of your favourite games. The Space Invaders cup and saucer is pictured but there's also designs that use the motifs of Tetris, Pac Man and, slightly more up-to-date, Snake. Each design is available in either a blue or red colour scheme. 

A fresh look at a favourite theme, a cup and saucer will set you back £15. 

See them online

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Pac-Man Ghosts T-Shirt

Layer Eight create t-shirts inspired by things they enjoy, which judging by this Pac-Man Ghosts T-Shirt includes retro arcade games.

The t-shirt features Pac-Man’s enemies, Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde on the front with a '10p – 1 play' coin slot graphic printed on the sleeve. The t-shirt is available in men’s sizes Small up to XX Large and in either navy or charcoal grey. There is also a similar design featuring the Space Invader aliens should that be your game of choice.

The t-shirts cost £23 from Layer Eight.

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Pac-Man Cookie Cutters now available at Firebox


We featured these a short while back, but now you can buy these Pac-Man Cookie Cutters at Firebox.

Yes, you can cut our own biscuits in the shape of arcade-based ghosts. It does make sense – they've been getting eaten for the last three decades. There are four cutters in the pack, three ghosts and one Pac-Man, all officially licensed via Suck UK.

£11.99 gets you a set. Or you can check out over the page for a photo of a plate of Pac-Man biscuits. Yum!

Find out more at the Firebox website

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