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30th anniversary authentic Namco Pac-Man Arcade Cocktail Table


Furniture doesn't have to be boring – it can be a lot of fun with something like the 30th anniversary authentic Pac-Man Arcade Cocktail Table.

Made by Namco, it commemorates the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man and is identical to the cabinets first played in pubs and arcades all those years ago. Yes, same head-to-head gameplay, graphics and sound, with a 'flip' 19-inch LCD screen and authentic four-way joystick control to help you along.

Oh yes, if you get bored of it, there are 12 other iconic arcade games also on board, including Galaga, Galaxian, and Dig Dug. Full details on the retailer's website, the price of it is $3,500.

Find out more at the Hammacher Schlemmer website

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Pac-Man limited edition Moleskine

To add to the long list of Pac-Man products we've featured recently, here the game features on a limited edition Moleskin notebook.

Produced to mark the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, you can take your pick from two different sizes, each containing 192 lined pages. Executed in the black and yellow you'd associate with the game, the smaller notebook is decorated with pixellated imagery from the game while the larger notebook's cover is embossed with a version of the game screen. Both notebooks come complete with a Ghost lurking in the inside cover and a set of Pac-Man sticker inserts. 

The smaller notebook is £11.99 while you can buy the larger notebook for £14.99. A stocking filler for an ex-gamer possibly? 

Buy them online

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Pac-Man ice tray

Pac-man ice
Another item to add to the rush of Pac-Man products that currently seems to be hitting the high street, this time a Pac-Man ice tray.

For a now just-about grown up generation of gamers, this suitably bright yellow plastic tray allows you to make ice cubes in the shape of Pac-Man and the ghosts (complete with their blank eyes). You could could even get creative with your food colourings and colour the ice to match the game characters.  

The ice tray costs £9. 

Buy it from Urban Outfitters

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Pac-Man Ghost Lamps


Yes, the Pac-Man merchandise just keeps coming – the latest being these rather wonderful Pac-Man Ghost Lamps.

Take your pick from white, red, blue and yellow, all shaped like those Pac-Man ghosts and using 20 to 40w bulbs for the light. We're talking mood light here obviously – not sure it's ideal as a work or bedside reading lamp to be honest.

If you want one (or more), ThinkGeek is selling them online, each one retailing for $69.99, which is around £44.

Find out more at the ThinkGeek website

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Suck UK Wind up Pac-Man and Ghost

Pac man wind up

It's getting round to that time of year where shelves start groaning under the weight of novelty products. An early contender is this Wind up Pac-Man and Ghost set from Suck UK

To add to the long list of products that have been inspired by Pac-Man, these are plastic figures in the shape of two of the game's best loved characters and are a potential stocking filler for gaming fans. Just wind the figures up and watch them go. 

The set costs £10. 

Buy them from Heals

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Paladone Pac Man Alarm Clock

There appears to be a rash to retro gaming products about at the moment (probably in preparation for the approaching festive season, although we are loath to mention it just yet), including this Pac-Man Alarm Clock from Paladone.

As you can see here, the clock consists of a giant pac-man with a digital clock inside his mouth. The alarm uses authentic sounds from the original game, which should be irritating enough to get most people out of bed on time.

It is available to buy online from Comet for £29.99.