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Original Second World War Rayon Stockings

Prod_21842_108 If you're a fan of retro style you can't get any more authentic than these Original Second World War Rayon Stockings from the Imperial War Museum Gift Shop.

Although one would think authentic forties stockings would be hard to come by, given that war-time shortages of nylons saw women reduced to painting seams up the back of their legs with gravy browning the Imperial War Museum have managed to source some original stock.

The stockings cost £39.99 a pair and are available in small, medium and large here.

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30th anniversary authentic Namco Pac-Man Arcade Cocktail Table


Furniture doesn't have to be boring – it can be a lot of fun with something like the 30th anniversary authentic Pac-Man Arcade Cocktail Table.

Made by Namco, it commemorates the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man and is identical to the cabinets first played in pubs and arcades all those years ago. Yes, same head-to-head gameplay, graphics and sound, with a 'flip' 19-inch LCD screen and authentic four-way joystick control to help you along.

Oh yes, if you get bored of it, there are 12 other iconic arcade games also on board, including Galaga, Galaxian, and Dig Dug. Full details on the retailer's website, the price of it is $3,500.

Find out more at the Hammacher Schlemmer website

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