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Lomography introduces the Spinner 360 – 35mm panoramic camera


It’s still a retro-style film camera, but the Spinner 360 from Lomography really does offer something different from the previous range of vintage-style snappers.

It’s the first infinite shot, 35mm panoramic camera from Lomography, giving you the option of shooting 360-degree images. How? Well in practical terms, just pull the trigger cord, which set loose the camera on its axis, able to produce up to eight panoramic shots on a 36 exposure film. No batteries either, just a rubber band drive and manual controls to grab the shots.

The camera offers 10 shooting styles (including a rollercoaster effect for wave-like images) and comes with everything you need to get you creating 360 shots. What we don’t know as yet is the price as it hasn’t been officially put on sale as yet. But with the word ‘affordable’ being thrown about and the lack of any high-end tech within, it’s unlikely to cost a bundle.

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