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Retro Kitchen by Patrick Edgeley

The Retro Kitchen print is another print by Patrick Edgeley, whose retro-influenced work we’ve mentioned previously.

This one has a decidedly mid-century feel to it, featuring coffeepots, teacups, bowls and canisters decorated with florals and leaf patterns that you would see on enamelware by Catherineholm. Needless to say, it would be great to hang in your kitchen.

The print measures 50cm by 70cm and costs £60 from Box Bird.

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Transistor Radio print by Patrick Edgeley


This Transistor Radio print by Patrick Edgeley features a great retro subject matter given a stylishly retro treatment.

We've featured his work before, under his studio name Anti Graphic, with (of course) an equally retro subject matter, vintage kitchenware. This print is executed in a lively 1950s/60s style which reminds me of the work of poster artists of that period, such as Royston Cooper

A reasonable investment too, as this limited edition silkscreen print costs £60.

Buy it from the Boxbird Gallery

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Kitchen Cupboards print by Anti Graphic


Collectors of vintage ceramics and fans of retro cooking wares may have a cupboard that looks something like the Kitchen Cupboards print by Anti Graphic

It's hand-screen printed and is a colourful depiction of 'lotus' patterned pans and Hornsea-esque pots, shown alongside classic looking sugar shakers and tubes of mustards. The image would be ideal for brightening up a dull kitchen. 

Anti Graphic is the work of Patrick Edgeley who has produced this print in a limited edition of just 60. Each print costs £37.50. 

Buy it from the Anti Graphic online shop

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