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Avocado Kitchen and Peaches and Pears midcentury-style placemats by Jenn Ski


If you want to add a midcentury twist to your dining table, check out these Avocado Kitchen and Peaches and Pears placemats by Jenn Ski.

Available on Etsy, each design is a three-colour silkscreen produced with the environment in mind, the fabric being 80% Ecotec (recycled yarn made from excess cotton fabric from industrial clothing manufacturers) and 20% recycled plastic bottles.

They're sold in packs of four, with free postage anywhere. Each pack costs $36 (£22.61). See the other design over the page.

Find out more at the Etsy website

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“Why Go Home So Soon?” Collection

The “Why Go Home So Soon?” Collection is another range developed from the artwork in the London Transport Museum Poster Collection.

The items available are the usual sort of thing that the London Transport Museum sells – mugs, travelcard holders, coasters and placemats – but the designs are really rather lovely. They date back to 1938 from a series of posters encouraging commuters to dine out, under the slogan “Why Go Home So Soon?” Marc Fernand Severin did the original illustrations, which are in a typical 1930s style.

A set of four coasters costs £12.99. Visit the London Transport Museum website to see the full collection.

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“Your Placemat or Mine?” Placemats and Coasters

The “Your Placemat or Mine?” Placemats and Coasters are latest products from perennial favourites People Will Always Need Plates.

As we have come to expect from this company, the placemats and coasters feature drawings of architecture, set against a brightly coloured background. There are two series to choose from, with both available as either placemats or coasters. Set A features homes from the Georgian period up to the 1940s, whilst Set B are four buildings from the 1960s up to modern day.

A set of four coasters costs £20 and four placements £40 from the People Will Always Need Plates website.