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Pintie Milk bottle milk jug by Whosglass

Milk jug
We've featured various ways of re-using old milk bottles in the past, from vases to light shades. These Pintie Milk bottle milk jugs from Whosglass offer a use that's a bit closer to their original function. 

These bottles have been hand-manipulated and made into jugs. They retain their original decoration, so feature charming retro advertising like the one for Kellogg's cornflakes shown in the image above. Other bottles for sale feature adverts for Ready Break, as well as various tea and hot chocolate brands. 

The jugs cost £19.95.

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Rupert Blanchard’s upcycled cupboards at Elemental


Rupert Blanchard specialises in creating new, unique objects from old materials. A range of his pieces is currently being sold through Elemental

The cupboard pictured is one of several being sold of a similar style and is made from plywood that's been laminated with sections of steel enamelled advertising signs – here including adverts from jeans, cocoa and cigarettes amongst others. He's also created a range of striking cabinets and bureaus, made from assembling drawers found on a variety of other furniture. 

Prices vary, but to give you an idea, the cabinet illustrated is for sell for £1900. 

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I Love London and I Love Recycling limited edition large metal prints by Sir Peter Blake


Some time back, we highlighted the rather cool wall signs featuring Sir Peter Blake's I Love London and I Love Recycling design. Well, even better, there are now giant metal prints of the designs available – but in very limited numbers.

Printed onto recycled tin (to fit in with the theme), each one is signed and numbered by the artist, with the London print limited to 75, while the Recycling print is in a run of just 25, both sized at 62 x 81cm – the largest tin prints Blake has ever produced.

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