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Is that plastic too? New range from Yoyo ceramics

Is that plastic

Yoyo ceramics are well-known for their take on design classics, such as the Yoyomaker range: an update of the classic Homemaker pattern. For their latest range Is that plastic too? they look to the designs of the seventies.

The range includes a reinterpretation of a classic thermos flask, a tupperware just and camping mugs – all recreated in ceramic and decorated in a pattern inspired by another household object – the jay cloth. Even better is the range is entirely dishwasher proof.  

Prices start at £15 for the mugs. 

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Julia Davey VW Vans & Caravans Ceramics

Julia Davey has produced a small collection VW Vans & Caravans Ceramics, similar in style to her Retro Robot Ceramics we featured in the past.

This collection currently consists of a jug, a mug and a bowl, although other items may be added in the future. The designs start off as pen and ink drawings which are then scanned and transferred onto the ceramics. A particularly nice touch is that as well as the design on the outside, there is a van or caravan on the inside of the piece too. The bowl costs £16, mug £17 and jug £19.

Buy them online from Julia Davey’s website.