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Retro round sunglasses by Diane von Furstenberg


Oversized sixties sunglasses have been everywhere for plenty of summers now, but with the seventies revival in full swing this season there's some more unusual retro options to explore. These Round Sunglasses by Diane von Furstenberg have an effortless seventies cool that's hard to resist.

The smaller rounded shape, along with thick heavy frames and a lightly shaded lens give a chic to this pair that recalls Annie Hall's post-beatnik aesthetic. From a designer known for her spot-on seventies looks, von Furstenberg has shown it's not just stylish print dresses she can offer to retro enthusiasts.

Get yours online from Matches Fashion for £125.

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eBay watch: 1960s space age round television


I'm not sure if this is a variation of the Keracolor Sphere, so let's just say this is a 1960s space age round television. It's also on eBay right now.

Does it work? Probably not, not least because of the advent of the digital era. The seller bought it for display purposes and it has been in storage, with no guarantee of it being functional. Note that, but note also that you can probably replace the actual TV in the shell, which has apparently already been done for this unit.

That shell is in white fibreglass, with a tulip-style base. Some minor damage, but not a lot. So a striking design piece or a project. It's currently on eBay at £100. Lots more images on the seller's page.

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