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Retro dressmaking course at Collette Costello in Manchester


Well, actually, that should be Manchester area, as the course takes place a short tram ride out of the centre at Salford Quays, but it is definitely a retro dressmaking course at Collette Costello.

It's one of three courses being run, the other being a skirt and a handbag course. But let's look at the dressmaking. All course run for a week, with a qualified fashion teacher at the helm, providing the pattern, cloth, equipment and (eventually) the skills to make the dress pictured above. Once you've made it, you should have the skills to convert any other pattern into a wearable dress for yourself or anyone.

The week-long course runs through summer and costs £175, with a hefty discount if you book as a pair.

Find out more at the Collette Costello website