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Sean Sims retro-style Valentine’s Day cards at 1973


If you want a card for your loved one that's a little more interesting, quirky and indeed retro than your average hight street offering, check out the 1973 online store. Which is where you'll find, amongst other designs, these Sean Sims retro-style Valentine's Day cards.

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Vintage-style Brighton Line prints by Sean Sims


We have featured Sean Sims in the past, but these new vintage-style Brighton Line prints are more than worth a mention.

They are illustrative travel posters, not unlike the kind of thing you would see from the '40s to the '70s, but particularly in the 1960s. It's an ongoing series, but there are a number available from launch – two are pictured above, two more over the page and more at the retail site.

All are A2 giclee editions, and are currently on sale for £50 each. They will also be on show throughout the Saturdays and Sundays in May (11am – 6pm) at the Yarn & Glue Open House as part of the Brighton Festival.

Find out more at the Yarn and Glue website

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Play Time cards by Sean Sims

Sean sims car
We showed you the Sean Sims limited edition alphabet print last year. Now the letters are available individually, as the Play Time card range

Executed in an early 70s-style, each card is based around a different letter: from the brightly patterned 'K' for 'Kettle' to the monster towering over the metropolis for 'M', or the old-fashioned gent clutching an umbrella for 'U'.  

Ideal as birthday cards for kids or for adults who haven't quite grown-up yet, the cards cost £2 each. 

Order them from Nineteenseventythree

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Sean Sims “All You Need is Love” Print


This isn’t the first time that those famous Beatles’ lyrics have found there way onto some artwork – this time it is Brighton-based artist, Sean Sims who has produced this All You Need is Love Print.

The design features two doves with the lyrics in a variety of suitably retro style fonts. It is available is a limited edition of just ten, with each one signed and numbered. If you like the design, but the pink and purple colourway isn’t to your taste, don’t despair as this is just the first in series with different colour options to be released in due course.

The print costs £50 from Brighton Pod.

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Limited edition Alphabet print by Sean Sims


There is probably no cooler way of teaching our children the basics of reading than by using this limited edition Alphabet print by Sean Sims.

A bright and bold A2 print, reminiscent of something out of the early 70s, it offers up a different mini design (and word) for each letter of the alphabet, all on a limited edition print that's also signed by the artist.

Whether you want it for your own kids or the big kid that's yourself, it's a winner. Yours for £40 and limited to just 250.

Find out more at the Brighton Pod website