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eBay watch: 1980s Sinclair C5 electric vehicle


It was launched in 1985 as the future of commuter travel, but was treated a joke vehicle upon its launch. But over 25 years on, electric vehicles are all the rage – although none look quite like the Sinclair C5.

It's essentially a tricycle, steered with a handlebar and able to hit 15mph at a top speed. You can also use it without a driving licence.  None of that sold it to the public though, with only 12,000 actually shifting.

This is one of them, which has been in a museum on the Isle of Wight for over 20 years and is still in factory fresh condition, working just fine too. The only things missing are the rear hub caps. Fancy it? Bidding right now is at £170, not bad for a piece of British motoring history, albeit a very quirky one.

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Sinclair C5 electric car gets a sequel – the Sinclair X-1


We love the quirkiness opf the Sinclair C5 – and we have flagged them up on eBay in the past when we've spotted them. Sadly, the buying public wasn't quite to so keen on the mini electric car when it landed in the mid-80s. Indeed, less than 12,000 shifted and the company went into administration. Here's hoping the follow-up, the newly-launched Sinclair X-1, get a more favourable response.

It's a similar kind of vehicle, but according to Cnet, has a few improvements – a reclining nylon seat and a waterproof acrylic bubble being the most obvious, the latter keeping you secure from the elements. At least, more secure than the original. Still not great in a heavy downpour.

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