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Sega controller soap


Okay, so the Sega Mega Drive is no longer at the forefront of gaming but it still holds a fond place in the heart of those who wasted many hours away on it playing Sonic and the like. Relive those glory days with this Sega controller soap

Yes, someone has taken the time to replicate the Sega controller in soap, from its distinctive shape to the 'a, b, c' circular buttons. It even comes in black. It's the perfect novelty gift for those who've never quite left the days of the Mega Drive behind. 

The soap costs AUS $25. 

Buy it from Third Drawer Down

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STM Sonic vintage-style laptop shoulder bag


Laptop bags are rarely stylish, but you'll get some vintage-style cool with this STM Sonic laptop shoulder bag.

Based on the classic Pan-Am flight bag, the bag features a fixed, padded and suspended section that surrounds your laptop in high density foam, while a main compartment provides plenty of space for your books, folders and accessories. There's also a front zipped organisational pocket for cables, pens, ipods and mobiles.

The entire thing is made out of polyurethane fabric and the removable shoulder strap is padded for extra comfort. Check out the full range of sizes at the STM website or you can buy online – expect to pay around £64.

Find out more at the Micro Anvika website