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Game Over cup and saucer sets from The TeaShed


These Game Over cup and saucer sets – from newly opened webstore The TeaShed - offer a fresh take on some of your favourite retro gaming icons.

At first glance, they look like delicate white porcelain cup and saucers – albeit with a bright pattern. Peer a bit closer and you'll realise the patterns come straight out of your favourite games. The Space Invaders cup and saucer is pictured but there's also designs that use the motifs of Tetris, Pac Man and, slightly more up-to-date, Snake. Each design is available in either a blue or red colour scheme. 

A fresh look at a favourite theme, a cup and saucer will set you back £15. 

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Tetrad – Tetris style shelving


I've lost count of the number of Tetris related items we've featured that are available to buy for your home. And yet, as in the case with Tetrad – Tetris-styled shelving – designers are still coming up with more. 

The designers behind Tetrad are New York's Brave Space. The shelving comes as a 10 block set. Each block made in the familiar shape of the building blocks, with wooden sides and a white metal backing. That's where the fun begins: you can attach the blocks to each other, to the wall or put them up individually. You can devise your own point score for the most artistic arrangement. 

With delivery in the US only and a price tag of $2630, I suspect our homes won't been overrun by Tetris block just yet. 

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Tetris Mirror by Sonar Ozenc

Tetris mirror

We've featured many Tetris-inspired products before, from chocolates to tiles. Here's another way the game can creep off the Game Boy and into your home: the Tetris Mirror

Designed by Sonar Ozenc, it's made from laser-cut acrylic and comes in thirteen panels, using the shapes so familiar from the game. It's then up to you whether you display them as one rectangle or break it down into the different parts. The temptation would be to keep re-arranging them for optimum (theoretical) points! 

The mirror is available in silver or gold and costs £39.85. 

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