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The Art of Being a Well-Dressed Wife by Anne Fogarty

Well dressed

Looking for some authentic 1950s fashion advice? You may want to pick up a copy of The Art of Being A Well Dressed Wife which was written in 1959 by American fashion design Anne Fogarty.

The book is being reprinted by the V&A as part of their series of retro style guides which also features works by the likes of Dior, Hardy Amies and Edith Head. It details what to wear on every occasion, from travelling to entertaining to sporting events – even how to match your car to your outfit!

The book is cloth bound and contains both Fogarty's original illustrations and period photographs from John French. Offering a fascinating, if somewhat terrifying, insight into the period, it's surely the ideal gift for any retro bride-to-be. 

The book is available for £6.49 from Amazon