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Tape doormat from Third Drawer Down


Like the rubik's cube beanbag we featured the other day, here's another icon of the 80s that crops up repeatedly on homewares: the humble cassette, this time appearing in this tape doormat from Third Drawer Down

The doormat comes in the shape of simple blank cassette and measures a substantial 60cm across. It's probably a bit more durable than the average tape too, being made from rubber and being fully washable. 

The doormat costs AUD74. 

Buy it from Third Drawer Down

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Hi Art twentieth-century art icon patches


Want a quick, potted history of some key twentieth-century art pieces and movements? Sounds pretty serious but doesn't have to be, especially with this unusual idea, courtesy of Hi Art: patches. 

Yes, you can patch (or should that be Pop?) up an old pair of jeans with a Warhol alike soup can, as shown above, or take your pick from seven other designs. 

The patches also include a test screen design to represent video art and an iconic Magritte-style pipe to represent Surrealism. 

You can get the Dada patch (Duchamp's urinal) at the Tate online shop for £4.50 but the full range only seems to be on sale through Australian company Third Drawer Down where they cost AUS$7 each. Best to check out the shipping fees before ordering though. 

Buy them online