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Surpil SL10 chair by Julien Henri-Porché


The Surpil SL10 chair designed by Julien Henri-Porché has a long history, dating back to 1927, but came from a very practical need. 

It was designed foremost for functionality: suitable for use in public spaces and also able to be stacked. Made from metal, the choice of material reflects the need for practicality. However, the chair still manages to look elegant and worthy perhaps of something more than outdoor furniture. 

The price would suggest so too: it costs £228.

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Kangaroo table by Mathieu Mategot

Gubi are offering a re-issue of a witty design dating back to the 1950s, this Kangaroo table by Mathieu Mategot.

The design dates to 1954 and is made from perforated steel. Why a kangaroo? Well, take a look – this table is in fact made up of two tables, one fitting inside the other one – just like a kangaroo carries her joey in her pouch. 

Available in five different colourways, the table costs £272. 

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Purnukka jar – 1950s storage

Here's a subtle piece of retro style, the Purnukka jar.

Manufactured by Iittala, though they look pretty timeless, these ceramic jars were actually designed by Kaj Franck back in 1953 and remained in production until 1975. They're now back in a tantalising range of colours and with just a slight tweak to the original design: they've been changed so they are better at stacking. Available in either 60mm or 120mm sizing, they're guaranteed to keep looking good for many more decades to come. 

The jars are priced at £16 for smaller size and £19 for the larger jar. 

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TwentyTwentyOne warehouse sale – up to 85 per cent off design classics


We are fans of TwentyTwentyOne, which has plenty design classics on its racks, including some more obscure items (like the 1950s Hirche lounge chair we covered last week). So the warehouse sale might be worth checking out, especially with big discounts.

It takes place this Saturday, 10th July 2010 from 10am to 3am and for one day only. So get there early if you want to take full advantage. Like all warehouse sales, there's little detail of what will be available, only that the company will offer up to 85 per cent off furniture, lighting and accessories. Which sounds worth getting up early for to us.

The address you'll need is 18c River Street, London EC1R 1XN or telephone 0207 837 1900 for more details.

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