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Raindrops Keep Falling Paisley Umbrella


Who says we're not topical? As rain pours across most of the UK, the word 'umbrella' isn't far from anyone's lips. This Raindrops Keep Falling Paisley Umbrella comes with an added bonus – a cool retro twist.

It's a 1960s-inspired number, not just with that clear dome shape (designed to give a maximum protection, along with maximum visibility), but also with that period paisley pattern – certain to turn some heads, even in a torrential downpour.

OK, by the time you get one, it might have stopped raining. But if you experience similar weather to us, the next downpour is never far away. Available online, it sells for $29.99.

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Space age Poppins Umbrella Stand by Barber Osgerby


A modern-day take on that late 60s, early 70s space age look – the Poppins Umbrella Stand by Barber Osgerby.

New this year, but screaming of the past, it's sized at 30 x 33 x 30cm, made of standard injectionmoulded glossy ABS and has room for up to six umbrellas – enough for the wettest of days.

Choose from four colours (although the orange is our favourite), each sells for £83.

Find out more at the Panik Design website

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London Undercover Fish and Chips umbrella


A nice twist on what some people would consider a quintessentially British accessory: the umbrella. The Fish and Chips umbrella is just one design produced by London Undercover, a company founded by Jamie Milestone to overthrow people's conceptions of the fusty brolly. 

The umbrella is printed with an large scale image of a fish and chips supper under the canvas, while the outside is decorated with an old-fashioned replica newspaper print. They also produce models that are decorated with things like traditional English breakfasts and union jacks and they have a special design called the commuter which is a collaboration with London Transport. 

The price for such a patriotic style statement? £50 of your British pounds. 

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Kartell 1960s space age Umbrella Stand by Gino Colombini


I'm not sure what it's like where you are, but today, it has rained pretty much all day here. Which means umbrellas and somewhere to store them – enter the Kartell space age Umbrella Stand.

Designed by Gino Colombini, it's a cylindrical, injection moulded container that's both eye-catching and indestructible. And as an added bonus, it has two lateral openings, offering you the option of using the lower section as a waste basket, as well as an optional upper tray to convert it into an ashtray.

Various colours, retailing for £81.

Find out more at the Made in Design website