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eBay watch: Large 1970s Italian wall shelving unit


Absolutely love this design. Indeed, if I had a room big enough to take it, I would be all this large 1970s Italian wall shelving unit for it.

As I said above, it's an Italian design from the 1970s, reminding me of Biba if you like – 70s with an art nouveau twist. You can imagine it getting pride of place in a hip, extravagant home 'back in the day'. Indeed, the seller claims it was 'probably originally from Heals'.

In terms of the details, it's 172cm in height and 242cm in length, as well as being a mix of glass shelves, glass dividers and that metal frame and dark base. It does come apart from easy transporting, you'll be pleased to know. Condition seems to be good, see the small print for the detail and the price right now is a 'buy it now' or 'best offer' of £1,200.

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