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Typetables Print by Proud Creative


Learning by rote is deeply unfashionable these days, but Proud Creative's Typetables add a new dimension to memorising your multiplication tables.

Proud Creative's type nerds have laid out each table from one through to twelve in a different font to create an educational aid for kids that should be equally pleasing to design conscious parents – you can get your kids learning their arithmetic and school them in typography at the same time.

Typetables are litho printed on 115gsm McNoughton Colorit paper measuring 420 x 594mm. They are available in four delicious colours;  pink, green, blue and orange and cost £15 each from Unlimited Editions here.


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Book ‘Classic’ print by Craig Kirk

Your book shelves may have one or two questionable titles residing on them that you'd rather your house guests didn't cast their eyes upon. Detract away from the acres of trashy holiday reads with the Book 'Classics' print by Craig Kirk on your wall.

The 3-colour giclée print features the spines of 10 classic novels you really ought to have read. From Brighton Rock to 1984, all the staples of every vintage bookworm's collection are here, with each title featuring it's own understated motif. With this simple, stylistic artwork adorning your wall, you will no doubt be forgiven for the odd Mills & Boon.

Book 'Classics' is £30 from Unlimited Editions. See the website for more details.

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Shipping Forecast – Gale Warning Letterpress Print by John Christopher

Artist John Christopher uses vintage wood and metal type to create unique letterpress prints including this one, part of his acclaimed Shipping Forecast project.

As well as using traditional painstaking methods which display tiny imperfections in the type and make each print unique; Gale Warning commemorates a significant event in British modern history: the great storm of 1987. Visually documenting the predicted wind-force, direction and air pressure of that memorable night, this work is hand-printed on to four separate sheets which have a total length of 2.1 metres.

The print costs £400 unframed and you can buy it from Unlimited Editions here

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I’m Spartacus print by Unlimited Editions

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Following on from the retro Star Wars print we featured a few weeks ago, here's another re-imagining of a classic movie poster, this time by Brighton-based designers Unlimited Editions.

The stylised art deco-influenced I'm Spartacus print is a tribute to Stanley Kubrick's 1960 Roman epic, created for Boxbird Gallery's ‘Cinemascope’ exhibition. A must have to adorn the walls of any retro movie fan's home. 

I'm Spartacus is £80 from Unlimited EditionsSee the website for more details.