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Sean Sims retro-style Valentine’s Day cards at 1973


If you want a card for your loved one that's a little more interesting, quirky and indeed retro than your average hight street offering, check out the 1973 online store. Which is where you'll find, amongst other designs, these Sean Sims retro-style Valentine's Day cards.

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An Embrace of Roses by Woop Studios


For an alternative Valentine's Day print, take a look at this An Embrace of Rose print by Woop Studio

Although this print obviously has a romantic feel, Woop Studio specialize in producing prints based around collection nouns, so take a look at their other designs based around things such as a Parliament of Owls or a Stand of Flamingos. All the prints are executed in the same retro style, reminiscent of the work of someone like Abram Games in the 1940s and 1950s. 

Prices start at £69 for a small unframed print.

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