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Vita Audio R1 MkII portable music system arrives with retro-style carry case


Way back in the depths of 2007, we featured the original Vita Audio R1, a cool, retro-styled radio with a nice wooden finish. Fast forward three years and the Vita Audio R1 MkII portable music system, sporting a rather stylish carry case.

The new version of the hip audio cube has DAB, DAB+ and FM reception, input for your iPod or MP3 player, large digital display and clock/alarm functions. Reason enough for considering a purchase. But now there's also the CarryPack, a high-quality hand-stitched case, available in black or tan leather for that retro finishing touch. There's also a BackPack too, a rechargeable NiMH battery system which attaches and blends with the rear panel for up to 20 hours of replay on the go.

The radio will sell for £159.99, the CarryPack for £39.99 and the BackPack £49.99. All will be available from John Lewis from late June.

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