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Beatle Troop Wall Sticker

It has been a while since we featured a wall sticker (although we’ve mentioned plenty in the past) and this one combines two iconic images in one.

The Beatle Troop Wall Sticker takes the iconic Abbey Road picture, but instead of the Fab Four, the road is being crossed by Star Wars Stormtroopers. The sticker is in black and white and measures 263cm wide by 110cm wide.

It costs £100 from Blue Sun Tree.

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Ceiling Rose Wall Sticker


Wall stickers have become a regular feature of the interiors landscape but for a slightly different take, check out this Ceiling Rose Wall Sticker from Spiro Design.

The sticker is an amusing riff on a sought-after period feature and would certainly add interest to your average plain white ceiling.

It comes in two semi-circular halves for easy application and measures 49.5cm in diameter.

The sticker costs £39.50 and you can buy it from Rockett St George here

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Hommu Vintage Phone Wall Sticker


We’ve seen plenty of wall decals recently, but used in the right way, the Hommu Vintage Phone Wall Sticker is amongst the cleverest.

The black sticker is in the shape of a classic Bakelite 200 series telephone, and positioned next to a real telephone as shown in the photo here, can add a touch of humour to your home (but hopefully won’t prove to be too confusing!)

It costs 22 Euros and is available to buy directly from Hommu.

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Blik Eames Circles wall decals


Charles and Ray Eames produced many iconic designs but they were never known for their wall stickers. Blik have made the most of this gap in the Eames' output and have produced, in association with the Eames office, these Circles wall decals

The design is based on the Eames' Circle fabric which can be seen on the cushion in the image and is made up of imperfectly shaped, illustration-like circles which are treated in various ways, such as being divided into quarters or filled with other concentric circles. The decals come in a range of four colours (snow, midnight, tomato or graphite) and two different sizes of circles at either 15cm or 38.1cm across. It's then up to you how you place them on your wall to create your own mid-century masterpiece. 

They're priced at either £35 for a pack of 16 small circles or £45 for 10 large circles. 

See them on the Supernice website

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Cassette wall sticker from Ferm Living


We've featured countless products based on cassettes and countless more wall stickers, so it was only natural that the two should combine at some point. And, lo and behold, the cassette wall sticker from Ferm Living

It's black and it's big, measuring 100 x 50cm. It's also quite expensive for what it is at £61.30. But there's surely no better way to illustrate your devotion to tape technology. 

Buy it from Stylish Life