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Jaeger Boutique Ric Rac Print Skirt

Embrace this summer's seventies trend with this Ric Rac Print Skirt from Jaeger Boutique.

Drawing inspiration from the "rick rack" zigzag trimming which became popular during the seventies,  Jaeger have updated a homespun aesthetic into something altogether more sophisticated. The colourful design and apron style pockets are given a luxe look as the skirt is 100% silk and finished with a red bow at the back.

The Boutique collection features polka dots, breton stripes and colourful prints on a range of retro-inspired designs.

View the whole collection and buy the skirt (for £130) here.


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Hi Art twentieth-century art icon patches


Want a quick, potted history of some key twentieth-century art pieces and movements? Sounds pretty serious but doesn't have to be, especially with this unusual idea, courtesy of Hi Art: patches. 

Yes, you can patch (or should that be Pop?) up an old pair of jeans with a Warhol alike soup can, as shown above, or take your pick from seven other designs. 

The patches also include a test screen design to represent video art and an iconic Magritte-style pipe to represent Surrealism. 

You can get the Dada patch (Duchamp's urinal) at the Tate online shop for £4.50 but the full range only seems to be on sale through Australian company Third Drawer Down where they cost AUS$7 each. Best to check out the shipping fees before ordering though. 

Buy them online

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Andy Warhol Banana sweets

Banana sweets

Andy Warhol's famous Banana has been used on tons of products from bags to watches to dishes but here's a very simple idea I don't think we've covered previously: banana sweets. It's not tricky to work out what it involves – yes, it's the design printed onto a banana-shaped tin that contains lots of little banana-shaped sweets.  

Well, Warhol himself said 'an artist is somebody who produces things people don't need to have but that he – for some reason – thinks it would be a good idea to give them' and at £9 it seems a perfect gift (shopping filler?) for fans of his work. 

Buy it from The Lollipop Shoppe