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Little Winter Trees by Eloise Renouf

Eloise renouf

Looking for some seasonally appropriate, reasonably priced original art with a retro feel? This Little Winter Trees print by Eloise Renouf is surely the answer to such a quest. 

Renouf is a Nottingham-based designer who interest in mid-century textiles and pattern is reflected in her work. Like the mid-century artists she admires, her designs use natural imagery, breaking it down to its skeletal forms. This print is a great example of her work, with the subdued pale colours used enhancing the Wintery look of the woodland scene. 

A4 sized, the print is limited to 100 copies and costs $25. 

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Darling Clementine Woodland trays

Woodland tray
Cast your mind back and you may remember the Woodland cards: a colourful take on the 70s folk trend courtesy of Norway's Darling Clementine. If you thought those cards too good to send to someone else, they are now available in a more permanent form, in the shape of these Woodland trays

Darling Clementine have selected four of their favourite designs and applied them onto birch veneer trays of various sizes and shapes. Each design uses the same reduced pink, black and white colour scheme to create a striking look. And, on the folk theme, each image is packed full of owls, foxes, flowers and other natural delights. 

Currently only available to pre-order, the tray pictured will cost you $35. 

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