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Brionvega Alpha – stylish retro TV now available to buy


A year ago, we featured a concept TV from Brionvega – the Brionvega Alpha – loving the style, but slightly aggrieved that the TV was just a concept. Well, guess what? You can now order the TV directly from the company.

Described as ‘the new generation of Brionvega’, it has a design based on the modernist classics of Le Corbusier and Breuer, featuring a 19-inch LCD screen sat within a chrome screen, a built-in DVD player (with audio playback option) and a chunky die-cast aluminium remote control every bit as stylish as the TV.

But there are downsides. Firstly, the TV has dated since its first showing – it isn’t HD-ready, but there is an option to get a digital tuner built in for extra cash. Take your pick from silver, black or the orange, with prices starting at 1,950 Euros, which is around £1,540.

Find out more at the Brionvega website