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Nintendo Donkey Kong

If you were a child, teenager or even parent in the Eighties, you will probably remember Nintendo’s Donkey Kong. This pocket platform game is now available once more, thanks to a collaboration between Kiranbe Collectibles and Urban Outfitters.

In case you somehow missed it the first time round, in the game you are Mario on a mission to rescue the Princess at the top of some scaffolding. In order to reach her, you must jump over the barrels being thrown down by the angry gorilla that has taken her captive. It is a simple game, split over two screens,with graphics that don't compare to today's standards, but it is hugely addictive and I still remember the enormous sense of achievement I felt when I first completed the rescue.

 It costs £130 (not sure how this compares with the original 1989 price) from Urban Outfitters.