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Fitzpatrick’s temperance bar cordial drinks


Once upon a time, the 'demon drink' was combatted by the temperance movement, which opened soft drink bars to keep the drinking down in Victorian towns and cities. All but one are now gone – but the last one is selling those original drinks mail order. Fitzpatrick's temperance bar cordial drinks.

Yes, the last temperance bar, Fitzpatrick's in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, which is well worth a visit, has some weird and wonderful drinks available by post. The likes of sarsaparilla cordial, dandelion & burdock, black beer & raison, plus our favourite – the blood tonic above. Not made of blood obviously, the latter is actually made of nettles.

£4 per bottle if you want one, although it works out cheaper with the postage if you buy in bulk.

Find out more at the Fitzpatrick's website