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Aliah Varsity Jacket from Missguided


While many 50s looks may be all about exaggerated femininity, there's little more girly than borrowing your sweetheart's clothes. The return of the frat jacket style in womens wardrobes is ideal for a retro Americana look, with modern crafting adding some feminine fit.

This Aliah Varsity Jacket from Missguided has a classic collegiate look, with white sleeves and piping creating impact. The bright red colour adds to that fifties US feel, while the jersey fabric allows for some figure-hugging femininity.

It's available online from Missguided for £29.99.

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Jacey Military Cardigan from Missguided


The most memorable early instances of military styling in mainstream fashion came with the psychedelic kids of the 1960s, and while the trend has continually come in and out of fashion it often retains some of that vintage feel. This Jacey Cardigan from Missguided provides just enough sixties military style, while staying thoroughly wearable for every day.

The cropped, collarless cut lends a sharp mid-sixties style to the silhouette that allows the gold detailing to shine. The jersey fabric, however, lends some casual feeling to the cardi, making it suitable to be worn on almost any occasion.

It's available from Missguided online for £24.99.

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Evelyn Maxi Dress from Missguided


Maxi dresses are that one item you just can't avoid on the Great British high street this summer, with designs featuring influence from a wide range of fashion styles. There's a handful of very vintage inspired items hidden among the rest, like this Evelyn Maxi Dress from Missguided.

Taking cues from a seventies folk-style chic, the light and floaty fabric works in tandem with hippy influences like embroidery on the bodice. The feather-tie at the waist incorporates some late sixties influence, capitalising on the original incarnations of festival fashion.

It's available online from Missguided now for £31.99.

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