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Kombi-Kart – classic wooden go-kart

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In more creative times, kids (including me at the time) would make their own go-kart out of old wood, rope, borrowed wheels and a few nails. These days such a vehicle wouldn’t pass many health and safety tests, so you have to buy them – and top of the tree is this Kombi-Kart.

Essentially, this is that same kart from your childhood, but made properly and safely with four sturdy wheels, two fixed axles, steering rope and all the screws and heavy-duty bolts you need to keep it together, even on the bumpiest of roads.

It’s designed for kids of age eight or over, but is strong enough to hold an adult if you’re feel nostalgic. It retails for £149.

FInd out more at the Children’s Furniture Company website

3 thoughts on “Kombi-Kart – classic wooden go-kart

  1. im in the middle of making a cart but im strugling putting the wheels on its really hard to attach them what websites can i find how to do this on.

  2. Hi,
    Im currently making a kart for my little brother. The wheels are quite easy to attach, depending on your wheels of course.
    One way is to cut a groove in the wood so that the axel will sit in it. Then u can secure it with ‘U’ shaped nails or bolts. The other way is to screw trips of metal over the axel. Type in to google wooden kart. I found lots of ideas this way….good luck and enjoy.

  3. This is overpriced!!!Buy the dangerous book for boys it tells you how to make a kart for £30 and its so easy.I’ve made 3

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