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Yamaha’s retro Sakura motorbike


I’m not usually excited about motorbikes, but if more looked like the Yamaha Sakura, that view might just change.

The Sakura is a prototype, unveiled by the company at the Tokyo Motor Show but based on the Yamaha XS-1, the company’s first 4-stroke model. Saying that, this is a very modern bike – a lightweight 1,000cc air-cooled, V-twin model that really oozes style.

No word on this going into production as yet, but if you know of any similar retro-styled motorbikes, please let us know.

Yamaha website

One thought on “Yamaha’s retro Sakura motorbike

  1. Taiwanese manufacturer SYM makes a bike called the wolf classic. Excellent looks, questionable build quality and lackluster performance.

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