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Whirlpool Max Fitness – the microwave with 1970s looks gets an upgrade

I’ve got a Whirlpool Max microwave, bought it for two reasons – firstly, it has an incredibly small footprint and secondly, it’s probably the best-looking microwave out there. And now it’s had an upgrade.

It is now the Whirlpool Max Fitness, but thankfully it keeps the looks and even adds a few more features. The main selling point o the new oven is an Auto Steam function, which (unsurprisingly) steams food, which is apparently a health-conscious thing to do. It also has a Jet Defrost option (defrosts up to five times faster than standard ovens), conventional microwaving and those 70s portable TV looks.

New colours too, including the chocolate brown pictured here (for the full-on retro vibe). It retails for around £99.

Find out more at the Whirlpool website