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Retro Pendulum Wall Clock

A nice twist on an old idea – the Retro Pendulum Wall Clock.

Even if this was just a face, the domed glass face, brushed aluminium and retro-styled hands and numbers would do enough to catch the eye. But add to the design that swinging pendulum and you really have something a little out of the ordinary.

Sized at 19cm (diameter) and available in various colours, it’s well priced at just £12.

Find out more at the Wallace Sacks website

One thought on “Retro Pendulum Wall Clock

  1. I am interested in this Retro Clock with pendulum.. How do I go about obtaining this? I live in the USA and I need to know what 19cm equates in inches, and L12 is that 12 pounds? How much would that be in US money?

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