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Roland Edirol MP3 player – looks like an old electric shaver

It might look like something out of your dad’s drawer of old rubbish, but you know what? I actually like the Roland Edirol MP3 player.

It’s set to launch in Japan, offering something a million miles away from the iPod and its numerous lookalikes, as well as the ability to record and play back 24-bit audio, an SD/SDHC card slots, a high speed USB 2.0 port, up to 4 hours of recording time, a remote control, built in speakers (the ‘shaver head’ at the top), 70s-style controls and audio software.

No news of a price as yet – or if this will head to the UK.

Roland Japan

Via DVice

  • Berry

    Tthis isn’t so much an mp3 player as a portable recorder (a voice recorder on steroids, or a field recorder). It’s the R-09HR, the follow-up for the highly-regarded R-09. The shaver head is actually a pair of microphones.