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Ikea offers 21 per cent off everything – for one day only


Admittedly much of its range is pretty bland, but if you dig deep, there are some cool items at Ikea (like the cushions we featured earlier today and larger items like the Knoll-like Karlstad sofa above). And if you go on Saturday 19th April, you get 21 per cent off everything in the store.

That discount (which celebrates the 21st anniversary) runs from 6am to Midnight, with a free breakfast from 6am to 8am and hot dogs for 21p all day. I suspect you’ll need to go early or late in the day to get anywhere near the car park!

Sadly, it is store-only – the discount doesn’t apply for online sales.

Ikea website

  • wtf

    Much of its range is pretty bland?? WTF? Stop jumping on the ‘i hate ikea’ bandwagon. Ikea has a some faults, yea. But no more so than any other other chain store out there. IKEA IS AWESOME!

  • David Walker

    Less to do with jumping on a bandwagon, more to do with having an opinion based on what I see. 😉
    Ikea has its moments (highlighted on this site regularly), but all too often the items in there are slightly disappointing and just a little bit forgettable.
    With the obvious exception of its mid-century-inspired Stockholm range and its lighting, the latter of which is always good value.